Welcome to the newly opened official VG site. More to change do to HTML Difficulties. Stare and Awe in amazement at its beuty! For we Are the Better of numerous play/vg groups in the eager eagles.

Down with Karnoski Play Group

From the start... As most of you know I have been trying to think of a topic to make a page about, and that wasn't that easiest thing to do. But I had been planning for a while to make a Videography page, and since Trivia is coming up soon, Mike has been bothering me to download a FTP and all that fancy software to make a decent web page for his trivia. This act of annoyance turned out to be a good thing. It finally motivated me to start a videography page that has long been planned. It also turns out that nathan was about to make one... So we decided to somewhat split the work and link them together so that we could do a better job. As he put it, the more the merrier. Also, one last notice, If you would like to add links to the Cleverly Named "Link Page" just tell me and your wish will be my command.

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