Welcome to the trivia homepage of the KHIRO-KO-KLAN* no relation to kkk

The Khiro-Ko-Klan has been a trivia team scince 1989. We take part in the largest trivia contest in the U.S. possibly the world. Every year in April the team comes together to get ready to answer 54 hours of questions, at 8 questions an hour, with 2 songs between each question. Teams with the right answer are given points based on the total correct answers from all teams. A max. of 500 points to a min. of 5 points is given for the answer. We use every rescource we have to find the right answer. Obviously the team with the most points wins. There are over 500 teams, with over 2000 players this year. This all happens in central wisconsin and broad cast by 90FM. If you have question e-mail us at: Anternon@hotmail.com This years specific name is: Kiro-Ko:Where in the World is Holly-O

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TRIVIA 29: ON THE ROAD letter from OZ

"March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and all that. After what seems months of waiting for snow and winter to arrive, I've given up and am now accepting the obvious, El Nino has struck Central Wisconsin(oops, I hope I don't get sued). The questions are going together, and the food goes better with questions. We have sampled our widest variety of salsas that we have ever consumed, and boy are they yummy, and the room is so cool, everthing is right here. It makes writing so much fun. Last summer shelves were added so that magasines could be unpacked and stacked in orderly???? fashion. The update from the table is simply that it is alive and kicking. Some people fish, others hunt at snowmobile, or sew. This is a great hobby, and boy does it keep me in shape!!! So, you're asking, what's the theme. As you probably already know, it is "Trivia 29: On the Road", a saulte to all those who have taken us on the road. Check out our website at www. easy-axcess.com/trivia. Of course, when you mention good old Americana on the road, Charles Kuralt is the name which comes to mind, but don't forget the many others. Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Jack Kerouac, Willie Nelson, Canned Heat, and the list continues. Plus, it's about time we took this contest back on the road. The big news for 1998 is the return of the Trivia Stone question. Please read the New Trivia Times after registration to get all the rules." The OZ's letter is really long, and I thought that this was the best part. So, if you don't get the Trivia letter I think it is in the Tivia Times.

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